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well, the apartment thing is a bust.

i live with a self-centered asshole who cant clean up after himself; do dishes, put food away, take out the trash... nothing. its regoddamn-diculas. he works 4 hours a day then does nothing but play madden while i sit there with my finger in my butt until i get bored and start cleaning. so im out, anyone looking for an apartment in the farmington hills area? i need someone to cover my lease, if not ill just have to break it cause this shit is beyond gay. i wouldnt even put up with a family member being like this, let alone someone not blood related. this kid uses my brand new car more than i do and runs up my cell bill, even though he has a phone. i want my life back, where i can do whatever the fuck i want to. and thats what ill do. case closed, i can do so much better. fuck this. not to mention he tried to talk me into not going to school on wednesday, its my first fucking week at a new school that i love. hes supposed to encourage me, not hinder me, so im out and done. ill be back with the real world soon. peace guys
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