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im sorry ive been slacking, i must admit ive been sucked in by the myspace bandwagon. but i will do my best to juggle both....

new years was sweet, i had a party, it was a good time :) i think we hit full capacity at about 25 ish.
we drank too much too fast but all that resulted was early passing out, no puking. i must say i was happy about that.

today sucked... my toilet tank, not bowl had already flooded my bathroom about 2 in. by the time i got up this morning. couldnt get ahold of the matinence people, had to use clothes to stop it from flooding anymore out into our hallway. it leaked downstairs and caused my neighbor to inform us we had a leak... like we didnt know.... about an hour or so after we began trying to render this problem the repair guy got there... were still waiting for the carpet people to come bring a blower to try and dry it up. fuck independence green.
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