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i have no idea how long its been but i decided to keep this running. i really dont know anyone anymore so i think its fitting to actually use this as a journal again. indeed.

so, im currently fighting an annoying case of pnemonia. i got a whole bunch of meds and im doped up so for the moment im good, other than the stuffy nose that just wont quit..... 3 days off school with a note, sweet.

i started at ccs a few weeks ago, its deff. fun but a little overbearing. i hope that wasnt what wore me down enough to get sick cause im going to be sick a lot then..... hopefully not. i dont mind going to school for once, weird, right?

i have a russian drawing teacher that likes to kick my ass around and shes really not all that nice or funny. those russians, no sense of humor. but i like all the rest of my classes, a lot.

it must be just about that time to go to sleep, nypd blue is on tnt. but sleep hasnt come so easy or so much in the last few days, i almost want to push myself to the edge of exhaustion just so i can sleep a little longer.... sigh. well off i am. if youre still around, standby for more :)
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