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foundation drawing II

so the title above....... yea.
fuck foundation drawing II.
im not good at drawing people because no one has ever taught me, but evidently "the russian" (my teacher) feels it necessisary to remind me of what ive done wrong on a daily basis. now its to the point where i dont even want to do my homework anymore cause i know shes going to rip it apart. whoo!
im so behind from being sick
now im getting sick again.
2 weeks later.
how is that possible???
i'll tell you how.
denise's fucking cat.
that im allergic to.
climbing all over my furniature and everything else that belongs to me in this fucking apartment.
i hate cats.
she is currently curled up on my favorite blanket that i will now have to wash if i want to curl up with it again, thanks very much Harley.
theres nothing i can do about it either, she wont get rid of it. its her damn baby.
i need some canson paper.
and i cant wait to move downtown next year. fuck this commuting shit.
and allergies.

next: my 2007 sweetest day-
got a card
realized there was $94.00 missing out of my bank account
figured out where the withdrawls came from
pretty sure person that got me the card took my money and used it to, it turn, buy me said card
started feeling like poop again
called the bank and walgreens, no one can help me til monday
bryan came over
took me out to eat cause i was down
spent three hours looking for a certain type of lily all over the city
yay :)

see the two opposites?

in close, i must go set up the easel. even if she doesnt like it at least i'll get credit.... good day..... i said good day.

oh and i'd like to welcome skot back to civilization, matt and i missed you.
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