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My thoughts on boys......

i hate boys, i hate boys, i hate boys, i hate boys, i fucking hate boys.

i suggested to olivia (even though shes already married but hopefully for not much longer) that we should just get married. or unioned or whatever. we'll still have our boy toys but we will never care about any of them. ever. god damn..... corey forgot my birthday and ended up getting an attitude with me and i gave him a damn window a week later to try and talk it out and he said he wasnt sure he wanted to... 3 weeks ago he told me he loved me. what the hell kind of man doesnt fight for the girl he loves??? evidently him and i am really sad about that but i have to let him go. ive chased him for the last 2 years, im sure as hell not going to chase him when he forgets my birthday. i drew the line... too bad i wish it hadnt been drawn. i guess my stint downriver is over and i have nothing left but an old ex thats trying to get me into a new relationship with him and i dont want to. i dont want another fucking boyfriend. i hate all of you. you al screw me over and then come crawling back. well you can crawl somewhere else, i've got a fucking moat now. my super evil alligators that spit toxic slime will get you.
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