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Just got back from my moms best friend's daughters wedding and all i have to say is whoooooooooooooooooooo! i had a blast. it was in mt. plesant and i didnt really know anyone at the wedding so i ended up hanging out with jimmy, kelly, kalyn, and jims friend nate that i met freshman year. went to a few places, today is kellys birthday you see.... i dunno, i just havent had that much fun in awhile and it was great to go out and let loose aka get trashed..

got an apartment with ryan and its not really going that well.... hes kinda an asshole to me a lot but it sucks cause we signed a 12 month lease... damn it. this whole thing should have been one of the high points in my life, and it was, but its quickly becoming and obviously bad desision. humph. well i guess we'll see how much i can really put up with huh?

hope yall have a good week!
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