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Well, all, i thought things had started to smooth themselves out but really they are just other things that complicate my life for no reason. you get rid of one complication, you get another. its like a never ending cycle. in any event im doing pretty good. enjoying school but ive already missed almost as many classes as i can with out being administratively withdrawn from the class. crappy. but o well, that just means i have to go and find something to keep myself occupied. i have a shit-ton of homework to do this weekend, drafting a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. whoo freakin hoo. the thing that i dont like the most about this school thing is i have 4 classes, 3 are bullshit easy gen-eds, no sweat. but then i have my principals of interior design, which should be called, "everyday your teacher will tell you how difficult it is to succeed in your chosen future field and scare the shit out of you." class. shes nice and everything, good at explaining things, but theres only so much time in the day. i have to fit eating and sleeping in there somewhere dont i? well, hopefully ill have my computer back and have the internet again. its annoying just cause we dont have a phone book and also cause i have to go other places to type all my papers. well, hope you all have a good week. ill try to :)
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