Peanut Butter (boarderchic2284) wrote,
Peanut Butter

i wrote this months ago and i thought it get erased. post anyway??

I believe yesterday was one of my harder days, and i did it all to myself.... being so nervous..... so, the story:

corey, my ex and i were seeing each other again about 3 weeks ago... well thats when it ended again.... but moving on. we were both being stubborn and he ended up deciding not to talk to me... again.... for the 5th god damn time. why do i keep trying you may ask? i still love him, fucking love. gets you everytime. so.... i write him a note and he reads it but doestn say anything back. not a thing. so super. what do i do now? i i try to talk to him on aim.... he signs off. and yet i still keep trying to get ahold of him... why? cause i still love him. bah.
so i decide i will write him a letter, which i did and it was almost 3 pages long. yikes. but only one sided paper, not both, its ok. so i decide im going to send it in the mail, minor problem... no way to know if he ever got it. then i think about just taking it to his apt and putting it in the mailbox, but cant because they dont have slots in their boxes, just a key that opens the whole thing for the mail man...... so i could send it through the express mail envilopes that cost 10 buck and track it.... overboard if you ask me. so next logical progression? take it directly to the source.... i was going to just take it to his apt, wait for someone to let me in, go upstairs, say, i just wanted to give you this, ill give you some time to think about it and ill come back tomorrow.... reasonable if you ask me... only problem was that i hadnt seen or talked to him in 3 weeks and i was freaking out a bit about how this following adventure might transpire... let me inform you:
~he wasnt there after i drove all the way there
~he had another girl at his apt
~he slammed the door in my face
~he wasnt there but came back while i was waiting for someone to let me in, looking as though i was stalking him
~he ripped up the leter in from of my face

...... i ended up taking it there and everything was fine. he took it, i went back the next day to talk about it and everything was fine... too bad that was months ago...
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